2018 Long Course season Information

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All registration must be done online through our website www.DCaquahawks.org.  Simply go to the website and click on REGISTER FOR DTAC in the Competitive Swim Tab of the Front Page! You will be directed to the ACTIVE website for the registration portal.


Practices will begin on Monday April 2nd for all training groups, but please remember our program is structured such that swimmers may join or return to our team at any time during the season. Check the monthly training calendar for updates!!


  • Tues, Thurs, Fri           6:00-7:10pm


  • Monday-Friday           5:45-7:20pm


  • Monday-Friday           5:45-8pm
  • Saturday                      7:30-9:30am


  • Monday-Thurs          4:00-6:30pm
  • Friday                          4:00-6:00pm
  • Mon, Thurs                 5:45-8:00am
  • Saturday                      7:30-10:00am


April 2                   Beginning of Long Course Season Training for ALL Training Groups

April 10                 New Family Meeting – 7:00pm inside the Hawk Hospitality Room across from the Natatorium!

May 11-13             PIKE Spring Invitational @ Pike HS – 50M

June 1-3               DON Summer Invitational @ Donner Park Outdoor Pool – Columbus, IN – 50M

June 22-24             CARD Muncie Mayor’s Meet – Tuhley Park Outdoor Pool – Muncie, IN  – 50M

July 13-15             SEY Pepsi Plunge – Prelim/Final @ Shields Park Outdoor Pool – Seymour, IN – 50M

July 19-22             ISI Senior State Championships @ TBD (swimmers must qualify)

July 27-29             ISI Age Group State Championships @ TBD (swimmers must qualify)


August 4-5             ISI CW Divisional Championships @ TBD (swimmers must qualify)

SCHEDULE SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Invitational and/or Dual meets may be added at the coaches’ discretion.


Registration Fees – $110.50 per NEW swimmer which includes:

  • USA Swimming Fee of $35.50 which entitles each swimmer to enter swim meets and participate in Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming programs; secondary accident insurance; a subscription to USA Swimming’s bi-monthly magazine, Splash!  Swimmers will enjoy their membership benefits through December 31, 2018
  • DTAC Registration Fee of $75 which gets each swimmer a team t-shirt, swim suit, and cap.
    • DCHS Member DTAC Registration Fee will be $30 which will include the team shirt and cap.

Team Dues
These fees cover coaches’ salaries and other program operating expenses.  Team fees may be paid by a recurring monthly charge to your credit card or automatic checking debit.  A 10% discount is offered for families wishing to pay for the full season up front – this will be due by April 30th.

  April May June July Summer Season Full Payment (10%)
SENIOR $105 $105 $105 $105 $378
GOLD $90 $90 $90 $90 $324
SILVER $75 $75 $75 $75 $270
BRONZE $60 $60 $60 $60 $216

Meet Entry Fees

Each swimmer/family is responsible for paying the entry fees and/or surcharges for all meets for which they enter.  These fees are set by the meet hosts and vary depending on the level and type of competition and the number of events entered.  The amount ranging anywhere between $6 and $50 per meet will be billed to your account after the entry has been completed.  Swimmers/families that fall behind in payments may not be allowed to enter future meets.

Meet Entry Fees Billing Process

Coaches submit entries to meets approximately 4-6 weeks in advance and update times for the entries periodically before the meet. Once the entry is sent and accepted by the meet host, the club is obligated to pay the total due, regardless if the swimmer competes. Once a meet entry is sent, an email with entry fees will be sent to competing families and fees will need to be paid as soon as possible.

DTAC Financial Aid

Swimmers who provide proof of qualification for the Free/Reduced School Lunch Program will pay a USA Swimming Fee of only $5 and the DTAC Registration Fee of $75, total of $80 (for DCHS HS Senior members $25 Registration Fee, total of $30) and are also eligible for a reduction of their team dues.  Swimmers who are in the reduced lunch program will receive a 30% dues discount and those who are in the free lunch program will receive a flat dues fee of only $25 per month.

Athletes/families that are eligible for financial aid still remain responsible for all entry fees, team uniform/apparel, and travel costs.


  • Please check the training schedule for times so that swimmers arrive for the correct training time. Occasional scheduling conflicts do cause some changes in training times. It is important to make the required number of sessions per week.
  • Anyone arriving late or leaving practice early must arrange this a day in advance with the coach.
  • Swimmers should be dropped off for training no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled training times. The locker rooms are not open until 5-10 minutes prior to training and swimmers arriving earlier are left unsupervised in the hallways. The only exception is for those swimmers who stay after school for practice.
  • Swimmers should be picked up from training no more than 15 minutes after training is scheduled to end. Swimmers not picked up on time causes staff members to have to remain unnecessarily beyond training sessions. We also ask that no one wait outside the main entrances to be picked up. Please wait inside!
  • Swimmers are expected to be upon their best behavior in the locker/shower rooms and halls. Discipline problems will be taken care of by giving the swimmer a warning on the 1st offense and notifying the parent on the 2nd At this time, the head coach and parents will establish a behavior modification program for the child! If behavior problems persist, in that, it distracts from the goals of the program and others then suspension or dismissal from the team will be decided by the Head Coach.
  • The use of technology devices in the locker/shower/rest rooms is prohibited in accordance with USA Swimming Code of Conduct.
  • No one except swimmers and staff are allowed on the pool deck during training. Parents may view training sessions from the observation deck at any time, unless the DTAC coaching staff has “closed” a practice for observation. We ask that parents not attempt to communicate with their child(ren) during a training session.
  • Parents in need to speak with a member of the coaching staff may come down after their child’s training session. Please note that if another training group is in the water, the coach may ask to meet with you inside one of the offices or in the lobby to adhere to the deck policy.
  • Although we want swimming to be a fun experience for everyone involved, the training sessions are scheduled for engaged training. Athletes coming to training for playtime will be asked to adhere or be removed so that others may focus on training.
  • DTAC is incorporating video and race analysis software in training. This software provides the capability of race/stroke analysis using tablets and/or an underwater camera to videotape the athletes as they start, swim, and turn. Athletes will be videotaped during training sessions and with the coach they can review their stroke and discuss ways to improve their technique.
  • There will be a lost and found available and items can be claimed by checking with a Coach. Please write names on goggle straps and suits (the tag).


  1. All outstanding balances from the previous season must be paid in full prior to the sign-ups for the next season.
  2. The Decatur Township Aquatic Club annual registration fee of $110.50 per swimmer is due in full on official registration. For financial aid families, the DTAC annual registration fee is $80.00 per swimmer. Parents must provide proof of qualification for the Free/Reduced School Lunch Program to received financial aid pricing.
  3. All forms must be turned in by April 30th. This is a requirement for your child to swim. These forms include the Medical Release Form and Waiver/Terms & Conditions Form. We also request a copy of your insurance card to have on file in case of an emergency. If your athlete is registering for USA swimming for the first time, a copy of their birth certificate must be submitted.
  4. Training dues may be paid in full by April 30th or they may be paid in FOUR installments for the winter season. There is a discount if you choose to pay your total dues by April 30th. You are responsible for timely payment of your dues and meet fees. Payment arrangements may be made in advance for families with special financial circumstances. See the Head Coach as soon as possible to discuss the matter.
  5. No credits or refunds will be given for missed training sessions due to participation in other activities/sports or vacations. If your swimmer practices once in a month, they are considered to be on the team for the month and dues must be paid. Special consideration for medical injuries and issues will be considered once the parent has supplied to the Head Coach medical exclusion from training.
  6. If your athlete is moved into a higher training group during the season, pro-rated dues will be determined and added to the next billing cycle for payment.
  7. As a competitive swim club, every effort should be made to attend as many meet sessions as possible. Requirements for athlete participation in winter season meets are based on training group.
  • Bronze Swimmers – 4 sessions
  • Silver Swimmers – 6 sessions
  • Gold Swimmers – 8 sessions
  • Senior Swimmers – See Coach Grace!
  1. Meet entry fees are in addition to the club dues. The coaches will select and enter meet events for the swimmers. Once the team entry is complete, these meet fees will be communicated via email. Additionally, each swimmer will be required to pay a $2.00 surcharge for each meet they enter. This money goes directly to Indiana Swimming. Both the meet fees and the surcharge are due to DTAC by the Wednesday prior to the meet.
  2. Once a swimmer is entered in a meet, the meet entry fees and surcharge must be paid regardless of whether the athlete actually swims in the meet. This is because meet entries are sent in weeks before the actual meet and the team pays the entry fee in advance.
  3. If you attend to take a break or drop out of the program, WRITTEN notification to the Head Coach is required by the 25th of the month prior to departure to avoid charges for that month. Any unused training dues are NON-REFUNDABLE and any outstanding fees, including meet entry fees, must be paid in full upon notification of drop out.
  4. When writing a check for dues or fees, please make a note of the reason for the check in the memo section on the check. Also, if you pay with cash please include a note that clearly states the purpose of the payment. Please submit all payments online or to the Head Coach for processing.
  5. Any checks returned for non-sufficient funds will be assessed a fee. In the event of a NSF, any outstanding monies due, including the amount of the NSF check, will only be accepted in the form of cash or a money order. Once your account is paid up, you can return to using personal checks as payment.