Schedule for May 13th, 2019

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Senior 4:10-6:25p 4:10-6:25p 6-8a 6-8a
4:10-6:25p 7-10a OFF
Age Group 2 NO PRACTICE 6-8p 6-8p 6-8p 6-8p
**Dryland to start practice
10-12p OFF
Age Group 1 NO PRACTICE 6-7:30p 6-7:30p 6-7:30p 6-7:30p
**Dryland to start practice

For the full training calendar, visit the Google Calendar online for more information! 

Google Calendar updated through Sunday, August 4th!

Announcements for the Week

  • May training dues were be billed to accounts on Wednesday, the 1st of the month. Please be sure to log into your accounts and take care of payments. For those paying by check, please make checks out to DTAC and give to Coach Grace after training!
  • Pike 14/U Meet – May 22: Parent Information is posted on the bulletin board at the facility.
    • Meet Entry has been sent to the meet host.
  • Donner Invite – May 31-June 2: Parent Information is posted on the bulletin board at the facility. 
    • Meet Entry has been sent and accepted by the meet host.
  • As the rest of our meet information becomes available, I will update times of sessions and other information through the weekly update and the bulletin board on site.